Outstanding products with perfect surface finishes

Painting/finishing, metal coating, imprinting, hot stamping: The correct surface treatment makes a product finer, lower in maintenance, more resistant, and trendier.

For medical devices that have to withstand impacts and aggressive cleaning agents daily, the surface is not just a design aspect but an essential part of the product. Additional functional surface treatments are zinc-flaming, galvanising, circuit painting, metallisation or coating for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the components.

State-of-the-art robotics in automatic coating plants meet the highest quality requirements – and these can be reproduced at all times.

Manual preparation for the coating of large TSG parts. Oberflächen: Siebdruck oder Heißprägen. Archiv Vergleichsteile
Oberflächenbehandlung: Manuelle Lackierung
Manual surface treatment. Screen printing or hot stamping. The archive for reproducibility.