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FRIED produces plastic parts using all common methods:

  • TSG – Foamed thermoplastic moulding casting for thick-walled, inherently stable and torsion-free injection-moulded parts up to 35 kg with complex geometries. Subsequent burring or copy-milling is not required.
  • Compact injection moulding for thin-walled parts with highest surface quality, e.g. smooth or structured surfaces. Using the hybrid method, FRIED can provide plastic insert moulding directly into extraneous materials.
  • Injection-compression moulding – a special form of compact injection moulding. With this method, the component is brought to its final form via the stamping stroke after the injection procedure. For the manufacture of large crystal-clear parts, especially when back injected with a second component.

Manual processing and shape cutting of the plastic parts can be done without any difficulty in large. and small series runs.

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Investments in machines and assembly lines leave nothing to be desired. FRIED produces using all common moul­ding methods.