Manual and fully-automated assembly

More and more customers are recognising that it might be more economical to have assemblies or complete products produced by FRIED instead of assembling them themselves. The FRIED project management plans and implements all assembly stages for a project in close cooperation with the customer, including the acquisition of external parts.

Whether the component is to be assembled manually, semi-auto­mated or fully-automated depends on the size of the batch as well as the precision and reproducibility re­quire­ments.

FRIED has already often proven that its company is prepared to invest in complex assembly plants and to deliver to the cus­tom­er within the predefined cycle.

Among other measures, special ESD workspaces have been created for the complete assembly of an electric wheelchair, comprised of various modules and of mechanical and electrical components.

FRIED Lagerhalle
Manual and auto­mated assembly.

FRIED Montagestraße Weiße WarePerfection in strict time. Addition of assembly material within a complex assembly plant.