Logistics is part of the project

The delivery chain is considered in its entirety at FRIED, from material acquisition to material processing and right up to de­livery of the finished product. Highly significant here is:

  • A high level of transparency and flexibility
  • Observance of agreed deadlines and volumes
  • Stock optimisation
  • Guarantee of material availability
  • Reduction of operative project outlay by processing using EDI and SupplyWeb

Kanban is used for material and process control when de­liver­ies are on a regular basis. On request, FRIED stores part on location, provides a buffer storage location, or controls delivery of managed inventory. Reusable packaging is preferably used that can be fitted with parts-specific inserts for safe transport.

granulate silos FRIED: Quality Assurance
Storing plastic granules. Reusable packaging with parts-specific in­serts is used when possible.