Investment in staff and processes

FRIED has always been ready to invest in the best technology in order to be ready not just for the challenges of today, but for the tasks of tomorrow. In the early years of the company, a much larger plot was bought than was actually required for startup. This made it easy for the company to build new factory workshops for new production facilities, without affecting running production.

The management always made sure that the capital earned remained in the company so that any investments required to hire exceptional personnel or to purchase the best technology were always available. This makes FRIED one of the most cost-effective companies producing in our line of business today – to the mutual profit of the customer.

FRIED Produktionsstrasse FRIED Produktionshalle
FRIED always invests in new machines and systems in such a way that they can also fulfil the highest quality demands. Large- and small-volume production runs are produced at excellent conditions using intelligent methods.