Loudspeaker housings with high-quality finishings

The housing of a loudspeaker not only in­flu­ences the sounds, it is also a part of the interior fitting and requires an excellent sur­face, which FRIED has achieved with its finishing – in black and white.


Lautsprechergehäuse mit sehr hochwertiger Lackierung

Multifunctional LED-OR light in two-component injected mould

LED OP-LeuchteEverything from one supplier: FRIED was in­volved in the de­sign of an OR light right from the start. The cover re­flec­tor is made of flame-pro­tected poly­car­bon­ate and is absolutely clear; it was cast together with the frame in one work­step using the two-com­po­nent injection moulding method. And of course, all components are resistant to disinfectants.


Operator panel of a machine tool with elaborate geometry

A CNC machine has to be robust during its daily routine. High demands
Bedienpult CNC-Maschineare therefore made of the plastic parts. All parts have thick walls made of glass-fibre re­inforced thermo­plastic synthetic material. The design of the tool and its man­u­fac­ture re­quires all of our know-how due to the complex geometry of the housing. FRIED delivers partially-assembled components.