FRIED Engineering – planned cost-effectiveness

Already in the early phase of construction, maximum efficiency is observed by FRIED. Product development is carried out tailored to plastic, taking into consideration the warpage behaviour, formation of possible sink marks, and optimum demoulding. Therefore, whether a part is cast end-produced or whether mechanical further processing after casting is the most economical variant is already determined in the construction phase.

This is only possible because all projects are managed in an interdisciplinary manner. The close coordination with the customer ensures in each phase of construction that the customer receives exactly the solution that he requires.

FRIED provides methods such as filling studies, FEM models or rapid prototyping as technical safeguards.

In addition to individual components, FRIED develops and implements complete systems. Its know-how ranges from the design of the mechanical and electrical components as well as complete assemblies to the development of the software and right up to the choice of third-party components and the corresponding suppliers.

Rapid prototyping
Filling studies
Interdisciplinary project management be­tween the customer, FRIED En­gi­neer­ing and production.