More than four decades of innovation

FRIED is one of Europe's leading suppliers of technical precision parts and assemblies made of plastic in small, medium and large series for use in the most important industry sectors.

As a systems supplier, FRIED looks back on almost four decades of experience. This experience is not just limited to one branch of industry.

It is not only the use of state-of-the-art technology that has ensured satisfied, long-standing customers and their trust in FRIED's production quality. Excellent staff accompany each product from the first development step right up to series production. FRIED places value on fostering its own new recruits, as well as on continuous training and further training and intensive courses of instruction. Our in-house experts therefore work with the same professionalism appropriate to the customer's experts.

Responsibility in dialogue: Ralf Krüger and Andreas FRIED, both managing directors, as well as Patrick Schneider, head of sales. Wir über uns - Mitarbeiter Continuity, Employees
Responsibility in dialogue: Andreas Fried
and Ralf Krüger, the managing directors.
Customer satisfaction is a result of continuity – FRIED's staff have been with the company for many years and know the various demands of our long-standing customers in detail.