Foamed precision for the operating room

Thick-walled, bendproof housing for medical engineering, manufactured using the thermo­plastic foam casting method (TSG).
 The high precision of the single parts and the perfect surface un­der­line the value of this tech­nol­o­gy. In ad­di­tion to this, the syn­thet­ic ma­te­ri­al fulfils all of the requirements for daily use of the de­vice: low weight, im­pact-re­sis­tance and re­sis­tance to caustic clean­ing agents and disinfectants.



Loudspeaker housings with high-quality finishings

The housing of a loudspeaker not only in­flu­ences the sounds, it is also a part of the interior fitting and requires an excellent sur­face, which FRIED has achieved with its finishing – in black and white.


Lautsprechergehäuse mit sehr hochwertiger Lackierung

TecPart – Innovation prize for exceptional performance

On the occasion of the world's leading plastics K trade fair, TecPart will be awarding the TecPart Innovation Prize for top per­for­mance in con­struc­tion, product engineering and design tailored to plastic.

FRIED has al­ready re­ceived pri­zes for two self-su­pporting hous­ings:
  • 2010 housing for dialysis machine 4008 S
  • 2013 housing for dialysis machine 5008


TecPart Preis K